A baby’s Usborne Christmas 

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A baby’s first Christmas is very special. I have 3 children of my own and for each that first Christmas produces just that little bit of extra magic! It’s a time to start your own family traditions and one of my favourites is when we return from church on Christmas Eve. Tink our Christmas Fairy, leaves a present of pyjamas and a Christmas book with a special message written inside for each of the children. 

Usborne has a wide range of Christmas books for all ages but I though I’d take a look at what is available for those babies in our lives. Below you can find books that I feel your baby would love along with a link to my Independent Usborne Organiser website. Hope you enjoy!

Baby’s Very first noisy book Christmas

Baby’s Very first Christmas playbook

Baby’s Very first touchy-feely Christmas book

Happy Christmas baby

Usborne cot books Christmas 

Usborne bath books Father Christmas 

Nativity flap book

Santa flap book

Baby’s first Christmas (book + Cd)

Usborne sparkly touchy-feely Father Christmas 

Usborne Touchy-feely The Nativity

Usborne cloth books Christmas

All of these beautiful books are available from my Independent Usborne Organiser website www.mymagicalbookshop.co.uk.

What has made your baby’s first Christmas so special? What special traditions have you started?

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