Beginner’s Cookbook Review 

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This week me and my children have been experimenting with a few recipes from this brilliant book, Beginner’s Cookbook. My daughter and I made Chocolate Choux Buns, I made the veggie burgers one night for dinner and on Valentine’s day we made Gingerbread biscuits for Daddy. 

This book is set out in an easy and clear way with simple tips for the novice cook. At the start of the book it sets out guidelines for before you begin to cook and cooking hints. This then continues at the beginning of each section with guidance for that section. For instance the Cakes and Cookies section has notes on before you bake and baking tips. 

Alongside some brilliant recipes this book is very informative not just for a young cook but for adults too. My daughter who is 8 thoroughly enjoyed making the Chocolate Choux Buns and the Gingerbread Biscuits. She was very involved throughout and it was great quality time with her.

When I got this book out from my Usborne stash my daughter was straight there wanting to look through it. This shows me the instant draw Usborne books have! She scoured the book wanting to try every recipe. Each page is inviting with photos of the complete dish and appealing pictures to go with each step of the recipe. 

Our first challenge set was Chocolate Choux Buns. I’ll admit I was a little nervous about this one as I had never made choux pastry before. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, especially with the aid of clear and concise instructions. These were lots of fun to make and very yummy too!

Our Chocolate Choux Buns!

Our second challenge was Veggie Burgers. I tackled this one on my own though. This took a lot of preparation but I enjoyed making them. My husband and I thought they were nice but unfortunately my 3 children were not so keen.

Our third challenge was Gingerbread Biscuits. Again the instructions were easy to follow and the tip for putting the spoon for the syrup in hot water first was brilliant! We made these our own at the end by making red icing and then arranging the biscuits in a heart for when Daddy came home on Valentine’s Day. Daddy loved this idea and the biscuits were soon gone!

Over all this is a great book. We still have many many more recipes to explore and we can’t wait. This is a great introduction to cooking for older children to use independently or younger children with support. Or for an adult looking for new ideas!

The following is the information regarding this book, Beginner’s cookbook, taken from my website

  • The perfect cookbook for beginner chefs both young and old.
  • Recipes include pizza and pasta dishes, vegetarian dishes and delicious cakes and cookies, giving novice cooks something to create for every occasion.
  • Each recipe is demonstrated with easy, step-by-step instructions and the concealed spiral binding makes the book practical and easy to use in the kitchen.
  • NB this book includes Cakes and Cookies for Beginners, which is also published separately.

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Spiral-bound hardback:

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Extra information

Key Stage: KS2/3 DT; Age 9+

Spiral-bound hardback:
ISBN: 9780746085387
196 pages
240 x 170mm

Author/Editor: Fiona Watt

Illustrator: Adam Larkum

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