How Books Can Enhance Play

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Books can be used in so many ways and one great way is to enhance play. Simply putting books related to an activity which your children are playing with can bring different elements to their play.

My background is an Early Years Practitioner and this is something we do in the setting I work at. An element of practice that Ofsted love. Having a book or two with an activity can provide extensions to your child’s learning. And to be honest having a book at hand is always a must!

A few ideas for using books in play:
Farm Play

Having books about the farm can show your child the variety of animals that live on the farm, what they eat, how they are looked after, what noises they make.

Also who works on the farm and what their jobs are. Plus which foods can be produced on a farm. These are just a few ideas.


With Dinosaurs the possibilities are endless! I know first hand from my 5 year old son who has loved dinosaurs since a young age. Ideas can include learning the different names and matching the dinosaurs to the pictures. Finding out if they were herbivores or carnivores and what the difference is.  How big or small they were. Could they fly?

This can then extend to how to draw dinosaurs. To then making  different things to do with dinosaurs. By clicking on the photographs of the above books it will take you to my Independent Usborne Organiser website. From here you can find out more information and purchase books.

I have shown you just a few ideas of how you can use books to enhance your children’s play. I hope you and your children have fun! Please let me know how you have used books through play.

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