Let’s Peep Inside a Fairy Tale… 

Usborne has 3 books in their Peep Inside a Fairy Tale series; Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood. These books are beautifully designed retelling’s of some of the most loved fairy tales. A must for any child’s book shelf.

Take a look at the following videos to see the inside of each of the Peep Inside a Fairy Tale books. 


Retold by Anna Milbourne

Illustrated by Karl James Mountford

Designed by Laura Wood


Beauty and the Beast

Retold by Anna Milbourne

Illustrated by Lorena Alvarez

Designed by Jenny Hilborne


Little Red Riding Hood

Retold by Anna Milbourne

Illustrated by Julia Sarda Portabells

Designed by Nicola Butler

As you can see from my videos the books have vibrant illustrations, flaps to lift to explore the story and great details throughout. Each book is very sturdy and the laser cut details on the pages throughout give the book an additional element of design.

These books are aimed at children aged 3 and over. But my 3 children who are aged 8, 5 and 2 all love these books. My 2 year old loves to sit and explore each page. Lifting the flaps (especially to see inside the wolf’s tummy in Little Red Riding Hood!) and peeping through the laser cut designs where several pages make up the pages scene.

My 5 year old will sit and explore the books by himself and enjoys me reading the stories to him. My 8 year old though loves to read the books herself, the stories interesting to her and the illustrations appealing. What a diverse series of books to span such an age group! 

The following are finger puppet sets which would be a great accompaniment to telling these fairy tales:


I would highly recommend this series as do my children! Have you read any of the Peep Inside a Fairy Tale books? Which is your favourite?

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