Movie Night Party Bags

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My daughter decided that she wanted a sleepover for her 8th Birthday! She then followed this up with a list of 8 friends that she had to invite. After much discussion, negotiation and a few tears she finally decided a Movie Night would include everyone. 

So we set about planning! Invites were made, movies decided upon and on my part a list of food and a few back up plans for the night. Just in case. The final thing to decide upon were party bags. 

I searched my Usborne catalogue racking my mind for an idea that was a little different. The girls are getting older and I wanted to find something new. I found Sticker Dolly Dressing Movie Stars and thought perfect. But how to send them home? A little more thinking and I found some white paper bags with handles.

I thought the bags were a little boring so I had a little brainwave!! The girls could decorate them themselves. This would be an extra activity and anyone who has girls know just how much they like to be creative!

The night was a success! They all had fun and I’m sure I’m  not going to hear properly for the next few days. The girls decorated their bags as they arrived. Pens, crayons and stickers enabled them to come up with some beautiful creations.

So at the end of the Movie Night they went home with a beautiful bag they had decorated themselves, Sticker Dolly Dressing Movie Stars book and a cupcake (courtesy of Mary Berry’s Baking Bible) lovingly made by me! 


Details of Sticker Dolly Dressing Movie Stars taken from my website :
  • Dress and accessorise the glamorous movie stars in this colourful addition to the hit Sticker Dolly Dressing series.
  • With over 350 stickers to dress the stars for success including an audition, an action movie scene and an award ceremony.
  • Stickers include costumes and trendy items of clothing as well as bags, shoes, hats and jewellery to get the stars looking their best.
  • Paperback:
  • £5.99
  • Age: 5+
  • Paperback:
  • ISBN: 9781409509530
  • 24 pages + 10 pages stickers
  • 305 x 238mm
  • Author/Editor: Fiona Watt
  • Illustrator: Vicky Arrowsmith

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